Sunday, 13 October 2013

7 steps are among the most effective marketing techniques

Sevensteps are among the most effective marketing techniques in the world :
1. Define marketing methods and actions that will be taken customers to buy your products.
2. Determine the main benefit of your product that will provide a competitive competition in your other competitors.
3. Define the target market for your product.
4. List of marketing weapons you will use.
5. Determine your product niche.
6. Write your corporate identity.
7. Budget for your marketing.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Business News

Local technology companies to benefit from technology transfer research and development (R & D) countries, MIMOS Berhad (MIMOS) is expected to generate revenue of up to RM100 million this year through business contracts won their respective companies.

Vice President of Commercialization MIMOS, Faisal Ahmad said local technology transfer agencies to qualify before the affected companies integrate with their innovations for commercialization.

 MIMOS target acquisition contracts won by local companies reach RM100 million for 2013 after the signing of the Agreement.

So far, 46 local companies will be qualified for MIMOS technologies in various technology segments.