Thursday, 10 October 2013

5 Tips to Quickly Gain the Trust of Your Subscribers By Eric Ackley

Many people go to great lengths to keep spam or junk mail out of their inboxes. However, they may welcome news of products or ideas they are interested in. These people want to or need to be kept up-to-date on their interests. They may be business, personal or hobby related, but they must have the latest info in their field of interest.
Businesses really like these types of customers. In order to get these customers, you must have them trust you. If customers trust you, they will be loyal to you and your brand.
By utilizing an opt-in email list, you can be reasonably sure your emails will reach your intended recipients. They, in turn, will be able to respond in the manner you want, making the information transfer successful. To be able to do this, you need permission-the 'opt-in' portion. To get a customer to 'opt-in', you need to gain their trust.
Getting that trust, given today's internet environment of spam and distrust, is a big achievement.
Building a large opt-in list requires trust; building a list quickly means you must gain their trust quickly. The faster you build your list, the faster word about your company or product will spread. The bigger your list, the more profit you can make.
The more trust you generate means more opt-in subscribers. More subscribers means more opportunities for responsible selling. More sales means more profit.
They key is the trust of your subscribers. 5 ways to gain that trust are:
1) Gain trust based on expertise.
People rely on other people who have skills or knowledge they do not. Be the expert in your field. Be the 'go-to' person that people turn to get answers to their questions.
2) Show your experience to your customers
Give hints or tips regarding what you are selling. For example, provide hardware use or installation tips on equipment. Give helpful articles about your product or service. If your customers see you provide quality, accurate information, they will quickly trust you.
3) Provide guarantees
With all the marketing hype on the internet, providing guarantees will provide a measure of trust. It will lowers the customer's natural skepticism about new products or suppliers.
Guarantees come in all types and durations. Some are 30-, 60-, 90- or lifetime durations. Some offer money-back or free replacement of product upon dissatisfaction. Some are 'for any reason', while others are for manufacturer's defects only.
Obviously, the stronger your guarantee, the more trust will be generated.
4) Gather testimonials from satisfied customers.
A satisfied customer will recommend you to others. A person trusts those they know; this trust is transferred to you when they refer your company or product. You must be sure to maintain your product or service quality over time, or else the satisfied testimonials will stop coming in.
How do you get testimonials? Ask the customer directly after a sale is completed, or after a certain period of time has elapsed. Publish these testimonials on your website and literature. Be sure to get your customers permission before publicizing their content.
5) Provide and easy way to opt-out
Many people are afraid to opt-in because they may be unable to quit your mailing list. Make it easy for them by providing a visible, easy method to opt-out, and honor that request.
Just remember not to lose the trust you just gained. If you promise not to sell or share their information, keep that promise. If you don't, you will lose both subscribers and their trust.

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