Friday, 4 October 2013

Work at Home Job Versus Work at Home Business By Robin M Hoopes

The use of the internet has opened up opportunities for people to start businesses at home or to have a work at home job. Even though these types of opportunities are available, people still remain cautious when taking these types of opportunities seriously. The risk involved in working from home is not knowing if the company is legit or if someone is scamming you out of your money. There is a huge difference between a work at home business and a work at home job.
Work at Home Job- A work at home job is when a person is working from their home for someone else. Examples of work at home jobs would be call center positions, administrative work, data entry, etc. With these types of opportunities there should be no up front cost. If the opportunity clearly states that the position is a job, where you will be working for a company and they require you to pay them money, then it is a scam. You should never pay for a work at home job.
Work at Home Business- A work at home business is where you are running your business. You decide when you want to work your business, how you want to market your business and what type of advertising techniques to use. With the use of the internet, many companies, usually direct sales companies, can offer a partnership with you to have your own business. With these types of opportunities you are paying an up front cost or a monthly cost. This is normal for a business. The money you are paying the company is letting you use their logos, products pictures, product information, etc. in any way you choose to advertise. You are not working for the company, you are partnering up with them. It is the same if you have a brick and mortar store; you are ordering products from a company to sell in your store. With direct sales companies it is the same thing you are selling their products.
Do your research on any opportunity that comes your way. A work at home job is not the same as a work at home business. Read all the information on the opportunity and contact someone from the company to ask questions. You never have to pay for a job, but you will have up front costs and you may have monthly costs as well when running your own business. There are great opportunities out there you can do from home. Step out of your comfort zone and take a risk; you may be surprised at the results.

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