Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The New Marketing Method, Relationship Building By Paul Harvie

Relationships are key.
In today's online business world there are a lot of things that a marketer has to be wary of, and keep a handle on. Every day they sit down at their computer and start to send out ads, set up email copy, write articles and work on growing their reach as a marketer. It is an exciting time to be an internet marketer, but there is something that needs to be considered in today's market economy.
Long gone are the days of anonymous marketing, and being a faceless email address that expects a person to open their wallet and fork over their limited hard earned cash. It's not like walking into a department store. It's true you don't need to know the person who is taking your cash, but you need to trust the brand of what you are buying, and you need to be able to trust the store you are shopping in. The key word you need to remember in today's market economy is TRUST.
If your list of email subscribers doesn't know who you are, then there is NO way they are ever going to fork over their cash to you. I am not referring to your Facebook persona or your Twitter persona. Those, as I have referenced in another article I wrote, are persona's that are far from real. If you want your list of subscribers to open up their wallets to you, you have to let them know YOU, the REAL you. I deal with several very well known internet marketers and the reason I trust them is because I have had one on one, real conversations with them. I know that they are real people, and I know I can count on them.
The other thing you have to do for your subscribers is provide them with value. If you are just hammering them with emails trying to sell them something you will soon realize that you are not going to make any money from these people. You are not going to get them to pay you for anything if you don't offer them something real and tangible in return. This was a lesson that took me a while to learn. I have recently learned this lesson thanks to those marketers I mentioned above. I have figured out that having something of value to offer my subscribers goes much farther to build a relationship with them. It also grows trust so that when I offer them something that costs money, they are more likely to buy it.
In learning this lesson I don't even offer to sell my leads anything in the first few emails of any email campaign. I offer them free gifts that will help them in their goals, and bring value to their lives. I even show them ways to make money for themselves without signing up under me for anything. This builds a rapport with my subscribers, and if they ever reply to an email campaign I am sending, I send a personal reply. This also works to build their trust in me, showing that I am a real person and I am interested in their lives.
The point to take away from all of this is that it is important in this day and age of marketing that you need to work on building a relationship with your leads. I also recommend that you start to offer them valuable advice and even valuable free products. As you finish reading this, start to think of ways you can build relationships with your leads!
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